Exit 58 Video Clip

"Exit 58 is more than just a trio of musicians. We are a trio of best friends. When you take a shared 20+ year friendship, music just flows more naturally. We have history together. There is something simple and beautiful when good friends create music with each other. The weaving harmonies blend a little smoother, the emotions in the song run a little deeper and our love for music can be seen and felt by the audience. There's no pretending here. We play music we love to listen to and we have a blast doing it. Once you see us 'live', you will understand." - Chris, Kendra & Laura

Why "Exit 58"?
Laura, Chris and Kendra met in their hometown of Langley, British Columbia, Canada. They all have strong ties to their community and still call Langley home. Come by and visit sometime - just take the Trans-Canada Highway to Exit 58...

Exit 58 plays hand-made ukuleles by Hawaii-based KoAloha Ukulele Co.